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AIESEC-STUDENT-INSURANCE is no longer offered. Of course, insurance cover continues to exist for all contracts already concluded.

To ensure that you can start your stay abroad with the best possible security, we recommend PROTRIP-WORLD, the insurance for worldwide travel and longer stays abroad.

Information for AIESEC members

You are a member of the AIESEC association and are planning a stay abroad regardless of an AIESEC program? Provided that your stay abroad is based on education or cultural exchange, you also qualify for taking out the AIESEC-STUDENT-INSURANCE. Here we offer insurance-related tips and practical advice, which come in handy during a stay abroad as high school student, language and exchange student, intern, Work & Travel participant or volunteer.

Check your insurance cover

Many countries have regulations defining which kind of insurance you need to have. If you travel abroad through a program, insurance cover is often already included in the program. The insurance policies offered by most programs and universities are ok and you don’t need to take care of anything else. Sometimes, however, the insurance cover provided is not as good as what you are used to in your home country. That’s why you should take the time prior to your trip to thoroughly check the offered insurance policy. It is vital though that you should never travel abroad without having proper international health insurance.

Here are some of the issues you should check:

  • Which policy requirements have been specified by the target country?
  • Are you covered for outward and return journey and for the time before and after your program?
  • Does the policy provide you with cover for other benefits apart from illness and accidents?
  • Are you covered in case of an interruption of your program, for example during a holiday?
  • Are you covered in case of sports accidents?
  • Are you covered in case of an accident resulting from hazardous activities such as rafting, skiing or bungee jumping (if that’s your thing)?

If such an insurance policy meets your expectations, you should probably purchase it. If you are still not really convinced or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to provide you with independent and objective advice.

Product exclusively for AIESEC program participants

DR-WALTER developed the insurance combination AIESEC-STUDENT-INSURANCE in cooperation with AIESEC exclusively for program participants. It consists of comprehensive assistance benefits, travel health insurance, as well as accident, liability and baggage insurance, and offers customized coverage for young talents abroad.

Prior to your stay abroad

Many embassies require an insurance certificate as a prerequisite for granting visa. So make sure to purchase insurance in time. Should the stay abroad be postponed to a later date, you can always adjust the insurance period respectively. In this case, all you need to do is send us an email prior to the planned day of departure. Where you notify us after the originally planned day of departure, you need to provide us with proof (passport copy or ticket).

During your stay abroad

Should you need medical treatment during your stay abroad, we will be happy to assist you. You can call us and we will explain what you need to know when visiting a doctor abroad. You will also find all the details in our section What to do in the event of a claim. AIESEC-STUDENT-INSURANCE is valid in the area of validity of your choice (Europe, worldwide without USA and Canada, worldwide incl. USA and Canada). In addition, accidents and emergency treatments are also covered worldwide and in your home country during holidays with a duration of up to 6 weeks.

After your stay abroad

You should always keep your insurance certificate since the authorities in a number of home countries require proof of insurance for the time spent abroad.

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