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AIESEC-STUDENT-INSURANCE is no longer offered. Of course, insurance cover continues to exist for all contracts already concluded.

To ensure that you can start your stay abroad with the best possible security, we recommend PROTRIP-WORLD, the insurance for worldwide travel and longer stays abroad.

Insurance - Quick & Easy

AIESEC-STUDENT-INSURANCE is a group contract solution consisting of independent insurance contracts and providing insurance cover during trips abroad for members of the LAC (Living Abroad Community e. V.) and for participants of affiliate partner companies and organizations.

What is required to qualify for AIESEC-STUDENT-INSURANCE?

You can be insured through AIESEC-STUDENT-INSURANCE if you meet the following requirements:

  • You are under 39 years old at conclusion of the contract.
  • You are a member of the group of insurable individuals mentioned below.
  • Your stay abroad will last no longer than 24 months.
  • The insurance policy is purchased prior to departure for the entire duration of the stay abroad or up to one month after departure for the remaining period of the stay abroad.

Insurable group of people

To qualify for AIESEC-STUDENT-INSURANCE, the main purpose of your stay abroad needs to be further education abroad. It is considered to be further education abroad if you are traveling as:

  • AIESEC program participant whose internship abroad or voluntary service is being accompanied by an AIESEC local committee, or
  • AIESEC member who plans a stay abroad for educational and cultural exchange programs independently from AIESEC.

If the main purpose of your stay abroad is further education, insurance cover includes any periods without further education abroad within the insurance period applied for.


Quickly and easily online

Click here to and you will immediately receive your insurance certificate.

Start of insurance

Insurance cover is provided for the period mentioned in the insurance certificate.
Where application and payment take place prior to the start of the journey, insurance cover begins at the start of the stay abroad (when the insured person leaves his/her home country). There is no insurance cover for claims which occurred before the beginning of the insurance.

Where application and payment take place up to one month after the start of the journey, insurance cover begins on the date we receive your application and premium payment. There is no insurance cover for claims which occurred before application and payment.

End of insurance

Insurance ends automatically on the agreed date. Insurance cover ends on the same date, but not later than at the end of the stay abroad. Where a return journey at the end of insurance is not possible for medical reasons, the insurer’s liability to pay extends to the date where a return journey becomes possible.

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