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Detailed list of benefits

Here you will find a detailed list of benefits provided by AIESEC-STUDENT-INSURANCE.

Health insurance benefits

Insurance cover – where medically necessary – is provided for:

  • inpatient treatment at a hospital, including operations;
  • outpatient medical treatment;
  • medicine, remedies and dressing material;
  • dental treatment for pain relief including simple fillings as well as repair of existing dentures and dental prosthesis per insured event up to €500;
  • dental treatments up to €1,000 per insured event that become necessary as a result of an accident of the insured person during his/her stay abroad;
  • outpatient initial treatment of mental illnesses up to €1,500;
  • inpatient emergency treatment of first-time mental or emotional disorders up to €20,000;
  • medical appliances (e.g. walking aids, renting a wheelchair) where they become necessary for the first time as a result of an accident or illness during the insured stay abroad;
  • medical treatment until the patient is suitable for transport, insofar as a return transport prior to the end of the insured stay is not possible since the insured person is not suitable for transport;
  • treatments during pregnancy, if such pregnancy occurred during the insured stay;
  • costs for preventive medical examinations up to the 12th week of pregnancy;
  • two ultrasound scans, unless further scans are medically necessary due to extraordinary circumstances;
  • treatment of pregnancy complications;
  • outpatient and inpatient childbirth. Additional costs of a cesarean section (if medically necessary) refundable;
  • abortion for medical reasons;
  • obstetricians and midwives;
  • postnatal care for mother and newborn. Benefits for the newborn are limited to €50,000;
  • acute and unexpected deterioration in the health of the mother and/or baby if the mother was already pregnant prior to the start of the insured stay;
  • medically necessary transport for hospitalization or initial outpatient treatment in a hospital; transport must be provided by a recognized emergency medical service;
  • medically reasonable return transport of the insured person to his/her residence in his/her home country or to the hospital nearest to his/her place of residence abroad, if it can be expected that the insured stay needs to be fully cancelled due to an illness/injury. During travel, the insurer will also bear the costs for the medically reasonable return transport to the insured person’s place of residence abroad or to the hospital nearest to the insured person’s place of residence abroad;
  • transport of the insured person’s mortal remains to his/her last permanent residence or funeral abroad up to the total amount of the costs for the transport of mortal remains;
  • information on medical care;
  • delivery of pharmaceutical products.
  • Where the insured person undergoes inpatient treatment for more than five days during a trip abroad, the insurer will, at the request of the insured person, organize the arrival and departure of a person in a position of trust to the hospital and from there back to his/her home; the insurer will further pay his/her travel expenses. If needed, the insurer will also organize and pay for accomodation near the hospital or the place of burial up to €70 per day for 7 days.
  • If the insured stay abroad is interrupted because of a severe illness or an accident of a family member with a resulting hospital stay of the family member of more than 5 days, the insurer will pay the travel expenses.

You will find a full description of benefits and benefit exclusions in the General Insurance Conditions.

Liability insurance benefits

Our insurance policy AIESEC-STUDENT-INSURANCE includes full personal liability insurance for the insured person. In addition to personal injury and property damage, the policy also covers damage to rented property. Damages to rented property are damages caused to a rented flat/apartment.

Insurance cover within the policy is only provided if the insured person has no other or sufficient insurance cover (subsidiary cover).

Au pairs are covered by liability insurance in their role as private individuals and within their specific work as an au pair. This cover includes language travelers who live with families (who have children) and carry out work similar to that of an au pair.

Damage caused by the use of a motor vehicle is not insured. This includes both personal injury and damage to property.

Sums insured in liability insurance

Sums insured
Personal injury and property damage
Damage to host family’s immovable property*
Damage to rented property
Liability loss caused during activities as an intern
Deductible in case of liability loss per claim
* The policy does not cover damage to the host family’s movable property.

You will find a full description of benefits and benefit exclusions in the General Insurance Conditions.

Accident insurance benefits

AIESEC-STUDENT-INSURANCE provides the following accident insurance benefits:

Sums insured in accident insurance

Sum insured
Accidental death benefit
Disability sum
Progression (increase in the sum insured in proportion to the degree of disability)
Lump sum payment in case of 100% accidental disability
Rescue costs
Plastic surgery as a result of an accident

You will find a full description of benefits and benefit exclusions in the General Insurance Conditions.

Medical and security assistance benefits (International SOS)

Assistance before commencement of the trip: medical recommendations, security tips and travel assistance

Before commencement of their trip, AIESEC members have access to the latest information and tips of experts 24 hours a day. Moreover, AIESEC members are supported by the international medical SOS team and security experts so that they are well-prepared for their stay abroad.

The medical and security assistance includes:

  • first contact to a hotline organized by doctors and security experts which allows immediate contact to the professional SOS staff according to the individual needs of the AIESEC member;
  • advance information about medical and safety-related questions;
  • support with individual travel projects: medical advice by doctors; necessary visa information; obligatory or recommended vaccinations; availability of medicines in the country of destination; security measures for women, especially if they are travelling alone; safety of food and water, etc.
  • Travel assistance: 24/7 multilingual service and emergency hotline

    International SOS finds the appropriate contact partner if the AIESEC member has a medical or security-related problem.

    Cashless payment: International SOS issues a payment guarantee for hospital bills and cost-intensive outpatient treatments.

    Under certain circumstances, if permitted by law, prescribed drugs and medical supplies which are not available in the country can be obtained via International SOS.

    In case of a medical emergency, International SOS organizes the repatriation and/or evacuation to the nearest appropriate medical center, if necessary accompanied by a physician.

    International SOS has exclusive access to ambulance aircrafts and portable medical equipment.

    International SOS assists with stationary admission and guarantees advance payment. Moreover, the patient's state of health is monitored in order to guarantee appropriate medical treatment.

    International SOS coordinates travel arrangements for the insured person's relatives.

    International SOS organizes the transport to the nearest hospital or clinic.

    International SOS organizes the repatriation of mortal remains.

    International SOS organizes individual or group evacuations with the support of the International SOS security staff and medical professionals in the country. Moreover, local security forces are activated in order to guarantee the quick and safe evacuation of AIESEC members.

    During an evacuation, International SOS gives advice, coordinates the escort and security service and stays in contact with the operation center.

    Automatic travel information before commencement of the trip; travel guide for medical recommendations and security aspects

    AIESEC members have access to the International SOS communication portal. There they can find detailed information on their destination country. International SOS developed an automatic travel information portal which offers a wide range of information, for example about medical risks in the destination countries, necessary vaccinations as well as travel and cultural information.

    E-learning program to identify travel risks

    The e-learning program introduces the AIESEC member to central security and medical aspects. The programs were designed to provide the member with necessary knowledge in order to minimize security and medicals risks during the stay abroad.

    Assistance App

    AIESEC members can install a free assistance app on their smartphone. With this app they can call the nearest assistance center or look for the latest medical recommendations as well as security tips for the current location at any time. Moreover, they have access to warnings for other areas. On the basis of this mobile access to security information and medical recommendations, AIESEC members can make well-reasoned decisions concerning medical and security-related questions which might influence their health and well-being.

    Direct payment of hospital bills and medical service providers

    International SOS guarantees advance payment of medical costs and all other costs which are related to inpatient treatments and cost-intensive outpatient treatments if such treatments are covered by the insurance policy.

    You will find a full description of benefits and benefit exclusions in the General Insurance Conditions.

    Baggage insurance benefits

    The insured person’s entire baggage as well as his/her valuables such as jewelry, laptops, and video equipment is/are covered within the sums insured. The insurer will reimburse the baggage’s current value in case of theft, burglary, robbery, extortion with robbery, willful destruction or maliciousness on the part of third parties, accidents involving a means of transportation or an accident of the insured person and in case of storms, fires, lightning strikes, or explosions or force majeure.

    The policy includes damage to furs, jewelry, objects made of precious metals, laptops, photographic and film equipment and portable video systems, including their accessories. For the aforementioned objects, the liability for damages per insured event is limited to a maximum of 50% of the sum insured of €2,000.

    The deductible for damages to baggage per insured event is €50.

    You will find a full description of benefits and benefit exclusions in the General Insurance Conditions.

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